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How to put on a wig

Step1:  Remove the hair net and hold wig at the front hairline and gently shake to separate the fibers.
Step 2:  Spray your new wig with a light mist of room temperature water, use your fingertips or a wide-tooth comb to style. Let it dry.

Step 3:  Brush your own hair back, away from your face. For longer hair, pin it up so it is away from the front, sides and nape of your head. Secure your own hair by pinning or using a Wig Cap or Wig Liner. A wig cap will help to keep it in place.

Step 4:  Hold your wig by its sides and slip it over your head from front to back. Adjust until the wig looks like your own hairline at the front. Use the ear tabs on the left and right side to center your wig. The sides will be a close fit and the entire head shape will look natural. Each wig can be adjusted for your particular head size. If your wig feels to tight or too loose, use the Velcro tabs at the back of the wig to adjust for the most comfortable fit. Tuck in any stray hairs.
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