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What people say....

Thank you so much for your kindness in making the impossible “possible.”  I appreciate you very much.
- Valerie D.

So glad this place exists in my community!!  As I work in cinema/theatre and the arts, the need for wigs - and GOOD wigs, not novelty wigs (although this place as EVERYTHING, from novelty to glamour) - comes up often.  I was fortunate to find CMC Wigs, and get exactly what I needed for a recent event!
- Logan C.

The service and attention to detail you get at CMC is great. I had just cut my hair and a friend whose wedding I was in wanted all her bridesmaids hair to be long. I had never worn a wig before and didn't know what to expect. I was very nervous, I didn't want to embarrass myself by buying something that looked fake. But the ladies of CMC were engaging and understanding. They were able to educate me about different styles, partial versus full wigs, how to blend the with my own hair to give a more natural appearance. I looked great and I was really impressed, I now own 3 wigs and counting.
- Kim W.

CMC Wigs has the most amazing variety of options.  Went in for a "party" wig and came out with ideas not just for silly fun, but also hair accessories for making your hair look fuller... Totally cool!
- Giselle C.

I had the best experience at this place! They had so many great wigs to choose from and the sales people were so helpful, especially Michele. She really helped me figure out what looked best. If you need a wig or wigs....I would highly recommend you go there.
- Charlene Y.

I was shopping for wigs and hair pieces and decided to check out CMC Wigs. I found the customer service to be top-notch. Between the owner and her employee, they helped a "lay person" like me feel knowledgeable enough to make an educated decision about what to purchase. I ended up with a hair piece that I'm thrilled with.
- Cindy L.

The greatest thing about this company is the patience they have while trying to make a decision. They pay attention to details and your body language as you are trying to figure out what will work for you. This is a challenging job. Thank you for your understanding.
- Vanessa O.

I would like to commend the two wonderful ladies who helped me at CMC Wigs!!! They were AWESOME!!!  I called and told them what I was looking for and in ten minutes they found the perfect Halloween wigs for me.  There were so many high quality wigs to choose from and after trying several on I found the perfect one! I highly recommend this place is you are looking for the perfect wig!!!
- Fatima A.
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